Collection: Spirit Courses

Join us for this  series of four vitally interesting and important courses on how we might meet the spiritual needs of our children. A topic we may have never considered before, but just as children have physical, mental, and emotional needs, so they have deep spiritual needs. These needs are not dependent on religion, but religion is one of many supports we can offer.

Discover how to meet the spiritual needs of your children with this inspiring series of four 12-hour multimedia courses. Learn what Maria Montessori had to say about the spiritual nature of the child and explore a never-before seen chart of the spiritual stages of development. Nurture your child's spiritual growth and provide them with the guidance they need to truly thrive!

  • Start Anytime!
  • 100% Online
  • 12 Professional Development Hours
  • 2 Weeks
  • Great for: Montessori Guides, Montessori Assistants, School Administrators and Parents
  • Certificate of Completion Included