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Elementary I (6-9) Video Lesson Library

Elementary I (6-9) Video Lesson Library

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 Learn and grow with an AIM Video Lesson Library subscription

Aim's Video Lesson Library is an invaluable resource which offers an extensive collection of video demonstrations of Montessori lessons. This library serves as an indispensable tool for parents and educators working with students across various Montessori educational levels, including Early Childhood, Elementary I, and Elementary II.

Key features of Aim's Video Lesson Library include:

Access for 3 Years: The $399 purchase pricie includes unlimited access for 3 years.

Comprehensive Coverage: The library is thoughtfully curated to encompass a wide range of Montessori lessons at different developmental stages. With over 150 videos for the Elementary II and Early Childhood Levels and over 300 for the Elementary I Level, it provides comprehensive coverage of the Montessori curriculum.

Hands-On Learning: The videos offer an immersive and practical learning experience by showcasing precisely how to present Montessori lessons to students. This hands-on approach ensures that educators gain a deep understanding of the Montessori methodology.

Accessible Expertise:  Graduates of AIM's certification programs can access these videos from the convenience of their own spaces, allowing them to review, refine, and enhance their teaching techniques at their own pace.

Continued Professional Development: The library serves as a valuable resource for ongoing professional development, allowing educators to refine their teaching skills and stay up-to-date with best practices in Montessori education.

Aim's Video Lesson Library is a specialized, graduate-exclusive resource that offers a comprehensive and practical view of Montessori lessons at various educational levels. It empowers educators with the knowledge and confidence they need to effectively implement Montessori principles in their classrooms, ultimately benefiting the students they serve.


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  • "It was wonderful. The online learning made it possible for me to juggle between my study and my family and my work. It is making learning accessible. The self-pace learning was wonderful, it allowed me to schedule the study time to fit our busy life. I got to learn so much...”-Course Graduate

  • “This course was perfect! I'm the Office Manager and Director of Admissions at a Montessori school, it is really important to me to understand the method very well as one of the main parts of my job when working with admissions is to explain about the Montessori method to families who are new to it...”-Course Graduate

  • “I love how Mary Ellen is so enthusiastic when she talks about Montessori. It made the whole PD enjoyable! I'm so glad that I learned more about the Montessori method and what is going on inside the classrooms...”-Course Graduate