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Abby Astronaut Alphabet Learning Program

Abby Astronaut Alphabet Learning Program

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After a 15-year hiatus we have brought this amazing Early Childhood Classroom language program back to life. Created by Mary Ellen Maunz and her family, the Abby Astronaut Program has been instrumental in teaching thousands of children to read. Now it is available for Montessori teachers once again!

Children love the entertaining characters and interactive songs. A wonderful addition to your Early Childhood Language Area, teacher and children alike will enjoy mastering letter sounds with this simple, fun program.

Example song:
Barney Beaver (Sung to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
Movement – Kneel, bang flat hands on floor when singing b-bam. Wiggle hands behind body as Barney’s tail between the b-bams. [Barney Beaver is ready to build his dam, lets kneel down, put our hands on the floor and help him!]

Barney Beaver builds his dam
With his tail he says /b/bam
Builds his dam, he says /b/bam
Makes the sound /b/b/b/
Barney Beaver builds his dam
With his tail he says /b/bam!

What’s Included:

    • NEW Downloadable Music - Instantly Available
    • Song sheets with instructions for movements downloadable.
    • Alphabet card sheets will be shipped separately.

Where to use this product:

Ages: 2 ½ - 6

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