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Elementary I Essentials Course

Elementary I Essentials Course

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This online course delivers a complete understanding of Montessori education. During your online study, you will delve deeply into the philosophy and psychology that is the heart of the Montessori Method and Message. This option is perfect for anyone working in a Montessori environment, daycare, or home school who does not require a MACTE-accredited certification


  • Start Anytime! The course is available for enrollment at any time.
  • 100% Online, allowing students to study anywhere and anytime.
  • Professional Development Hours
  • 9-12 Months
  • Great for: teacher aides, school administrators, homeschooling parents, or anyone working in a Montessori environment, daycare, or homeschool who does not need MACTE-accredited certification.
  • Certification: Upon completion, students earn an AoM Essentials Certification of Completion


Elementary I Essentials course covers a comprehensive range of topics:

  1. Preview of Life in the Classroom: Insight into the daily classroom experience.
  2. Spiritual Preparation of the Teacher: Focus on personal development for educators.
  3. Human Tendencies and the Stages of Development: Understanding innate human behaviors and developmental stages.
  4. The Heart of the Curriculum - Development: Core aspects of the educational curriculum.
  5. The Cosmic Plan and the Cultural Subjects: Exploring interconnectedness in cultural education.
  6. The Imagination and the Growth of Intelligence: Link between imagination and intellectual development.
  7. Introduction to Language: Basics of language learning.
  8. Reading and Writing: Teaching methods for literacy.
  9. Language and Grammar - The Parts of Speech: Detailed grammar instruction.
  10. Language, Composition, and Writing: Advanced language skills.
  11. Observation and Assessment: Techniques for evaluating student progress.
  12. Introduction to Mathematics - Numeration and the Decimal System: Basic mathematical concepts.
  13. Mathematics, the Four Operations: Fundamental mathematical operations.
  14. Memorization of Math Facts: Techniques for memorizing key math facts.
  15. Mathematics, Hierarchies of Numbers, Fractions, Decimals: Advanced math topics.
  16. Geometry: Introduction to geometric concepts.
  17. The Cosmic Plan - Geography: Teaching geography within a broader cosmic context.
  18. The Cosmic Plan - Biology: Biological studies in relation to the cosmic plan.
  19. The Cosmic Plan - History: Historical education linked to cosmic themes.
  20. The Cosmic Plan and the Fine Arts: Integration of arts into the cosmic plan.
  21. The Prepared Environment: Creating a conducive learning environment.
  22. Education for Peace: Promoting peace through education.
  23. The Spiritual Transformation of the Teacher: Personal growth for educators.
  24. Wrapping Up Peacefully: Concluding the course.
This course provides an in-depth understanding of Montessori education, emphasizing the holistic development of children and the role of educators in this process.

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Certificate of Completion

Certification of Completion is available upon completion of the course.

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AIM Montessori Essentials Course Structure:

This engaging course consists of thoughtfully curated units, each comprising a dynamic blend of multimedia resources to facilitate your learning journey:

  • Insightful Videos: Visualize key concepts through instructive videos that bring the Montessori principles to life.
  • Expert Articles and Excerpts: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of Mary Ellen Maunz and other prominent Montessori scholars through enlightening articles and book excerpts.
  • Collaborative Discussion Forum: Participate in a dynamic online forum where you can exchange ideas, thoughts, and newfound knowledge with fellow classmates.
  • Duration and Accessibility:This self-paced, 100% online course is tailored to accommodate your schedule. With approximately four weeks to completion, you'll have the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

Step into the world of Montessori education with confidence. Enroll now and embark on a journey of growth, understanding, and meaningful contribution. 

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    After finishing this course, complete the course survey and fill out your information to automatically recieve the Certificate of Completion.

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  • "It was wonderful. The online learning made it possible for me to juggle between my study and my family and my work. It is making learning accessible. The self-pace learning was wonderful, it allowed me to schedule the study time to fit our busy life. I got to learn so much...”-Course Graduate

  • “This course was perfect! I'm the Office Manager and Director of Admissions at a Montessori school, it is really important to me to understand the method very well as one of the main parts of my job when working with admissions is to explain about the Montessori method to families who are new to it...”-Course Graduate

  • “I love how Mary Ellen is so enthusiastic when she talks about Montessori. It made the whole PD enjoyable! I'm so glad that I learned more about the Montessori method and what is going on inside the classrooms...”-Course Graduate