Montessori Parent Guide Bundle

Montessori Parent Guide Bundle

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This Bundle includes all Four Montessori Parent Guides



In this Practical Life Guide for Parents, Mary Ellen Maunz gives you practical advice and activities so that you can connect and engage with your child during your daily tasks. 

Within this guide, Practical Life activities include:

Grace and courtesy: how to say please and thank you, how to greet someone, how to answer the doorbell or the phone, how to get your attention when you are doing something else and so much more

The primary movements of everyday life: walking, rising, sitting, handling objects

Care of the environment: dusting, sweeping, washing dishes, using tools

Care of the person: washing hands, combing hair, learning to use buttons, zippers


Gymnastic exercises, rhythmic activities


Along with this guide, you will recieve the cutting paper templates to further enhance this activity with your child. 



The term “Sensorial Development” refers to the education of the senses, the aim of which is to develop, not measure, the sensory energies and perceptions of the child. Sensorial Development is one of the four primary avenues Maria Montessori designed into her prepared environment.

In this Sensorial Parent Guide, Mary Ellen Maunz gives material suggestions and outlines 50 different activities to do with your child to help them explore and grow.

Activity Categories Include: 

  • Visual Sense: Relative Dimensions
  • Visual Sense: Colors
  • Visual Sense: Shape and Form
  • Tactile and Stereognostic Sense (Touch and Form)
  • Introduction to Geography
  • Introduction to Natural Sciences
  • Introduction to Biology: Botany and Zoology
  • Thermic Sense
  • Baric sense
  • Olfactory Sense
  • Auditory Sense
  • Introduction to Music 




Language is a complex set of functions that begin with the simple acts of communication. There is a continuum of communication between mother and baby even before birth. Babies can hear before birth and move in utero and after birth in sync with their mother’s voice and intonation.  The loving gazes exchanged between newborns and their mothers and fathers continue to strengthen the bonds that we see through body language, the eyes, touch and finally words. Believe it or not, it takes 70 facial muscles to speak! Our bodies are amazing to be able to coordinate all of this.


In this parent guide, Mary Ellen Maunz gives parents activities to help develop the skill of Language in the following categories:

  • Vocabulary
  • Phonograms
  • Commo English Words
  • Decodable Readers

You can expect to find more than 30 activities that have to do with: 

  • Matching Objects
  • Matching Pictures with Objects
  • Rhyming
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Segmentation
  • Choose the Letter
  • Movable Alphabet
  • Long and Short Vowels
  • Capital Letters and Letter Names
  • Sentence Commands/Charades
  • Phonetic Readers
  • Phonograms
  • Common English Words
  • ... and much more! 

As a bonus, Age of Montessori has included the following BONUS printables and templates: 

  • Matching Pictures
  • Language Letter Sounds Sorting
  • Touch and Write
  • Language Word Pockets
  • Phonogram Cards



Maria Montessori observed that children have what French philosopher Blaise Pascal called “the mathematical mind.”  Our ability to see patterns and count is part of the human condition.  Once we recognize the reality of the mathematical mind in young children, it becomes our responsibility to provide access to mathematical experiences for them. We understand that the child learns best through his own activity with sensorial experiences, whether at home or in a classroom. When we provide concrete materials that offer strong, clear and exact impressions of number and operations with numbers, the child will have a firm foundation for learning and integrating mathematical principles.


In this Montessori Math Parent Guide, Mary Ellen Maunz lays out more than 55 math related activities to help parent's guide their children in their mathematics journey.  

Topics include: 

  • Introduction to Numeration from 1-10
  • Introduction to the Decimal System (The Golden Beads)
  • Introduction to the Functions of the Four Operations with the Decimal System
  • Introduction to Linear Counting
  • Introduction to the Memorization of Facts and Tables
  • Introductino to Fractions and Passages to Abstraction

In addition to the numerous activities within the Parent Guide, there are 11 Bonus Downloads that are included with your purchase:

  • Odd and Even Game
  • Coloring Sheet
  • 100 Grid
  • Number Story Template
  • Addition Table Template
  • Commutative Addition Template
  • Polynomial Addition Equation Template
  • Multiplication Number Story Template
  • Multiplication Commutative Template
  • Subtraction Number Story Template