Montessori Math Parent Guide

Montessori Math Parent Guide

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In this Montessori Math Parent Guide, Mary Ellen Maunz lays out more than 55 math related activities to help parent's guide their children in their mathematics journey.  

Topics include: 

  • Introduction to Numeration from 1-10
  • Introduction to the Decimal System (The Golden Beads)
  • Introduction to the Functions of the Four Operations with the Decimal System
  • Introduction to Linear Counting
  • Introduction to the Memorization of Facts and Tables
  • Introductino to Fractions and Passages to Abstraction

In addition to the numerous activities within the Parent Guide, there are 11 Bonus Downloads that are included with your purchase:

  • Odd and Even Game
  • Coloring Sheet
  • 100 Grid
  • Number Story Template
  • Addition Table Template
  • Commutative Addition Template
  • Polynomial Addition Equation Template
  • Multiplication Number Story Template
  • Multiplication Commutative Template
  • Subtraction Number Story Template