Montessori Sensorial Parent Guide

Montessori Sensorial Parent Guide

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The term “Sensorial Development” refers to the education of the senses, the aim of which is to develop, not measure, the sensory energies and perceptions of the child. Sensorial Development is one of the four primary avenues Maria Montessori designed into her prepared environment.

In this Sensorial Parent Guide, Mary Ellen Maunz gives material suggestions and outlines 50 different activities to do with your child to help them explore and grow.

Activity Categories Include: 

  • Visual Sense: Relative Dimensions
  • Visual Sense: Colors
  • Visual Sense: Shape and Form
  • Tactile and Stereognostic Sense (Touch and Form)
  • Introduction to Geography
  • Introduction to Natural Sciences
  • Introduction to Biology: Botany and Zoology
  • Thermic Sense
  • Baric sense
  • Olfactory Sense
  • Auditory Sense
  • Introduction to Music